Writing Service

We offer one of the most competitive online professional resume writing services in India.  With over 10 years in recruitment, HR and management, our professional resume writing services are sure to create you an exceptional resume that will showcase who you are. Our team of professional resume writers have earned a raving reputation of providing fantastic customer service and successfully completing professional resumes. To compliment your resume, we will also include a concise, customised cover letter tailored to your job application of choice. Make things easy for yourself with our resume or CV writing as some may be familiar with.

  Are you wanting to apply for a job that requires you to address Selection Criteria? We can provide Selection Criteria responses that are unique to your experience and ensure a well-structured response to each criterion. Our industry writing experts will be sure to get you short-listed for more job interviews.   We keep up to date with current job trends and with our strong knowledge of the job market, we can assist you in seeking employment.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

LinkedIn is the number one networking tool, for all professionals seeking career change or promotion hence why this is the number one reason people will use a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service.  In today’s competitive job market, having a professionally designed LinkedIn Profile is crucial, as HR professionals are using LinkedIn—extensively.  LinkedIn is not just business-oriented.  Although mainly used as a professional networking tool around the world, LinkedIn is also a fantastic social networking service.  It’s the primary way that business people and companies, can effectively grow their network and market themselves online.

There are multiple reasons why you need to use this essential personal branding tool. LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of members all over the world, which equals to just as many prospects. Furthermore, people who don’t have a LinkedIn profile, are not viewed as career-conscious. 

To leverage your LinkedIn presence, developing a keyword rich and professional profile is key.  Your profile needs to lead and reflect positivity, demonstrate your knowledge and your leadership. You have to define yourself as a self-motivated ‘go-getter’, rather than an unemployed person seeking a job so that you stand out and appeal to potential employers and/or recruiter’s. And that’s where we come in!  Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service will get you head hunted when we create or update your existing LinkedIn profile.